Written with care

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I could tell from the very first moment I started reading that this was written with care, the author believed in the power of the story they were telling, and wanted the whole world to experience what they did when they heard it. How could that not suck me in, and make me feel a need to read more? The subject is not one I am familiar with. I'm going into this story completely blind, but I think that might be a good thing. It's like discovering a great piece of history through the life of a person. It is full of meaning and had the potential to inspire so many people, as the author hopes.

The writing style is one that makes you feel like you have fallen into a nice work of fiction. It doesn't feel like reading a History book. Usually I don't care for memoirs, or biographies because they don't have a normal story-like flow to them. But, this one is different.

The cover is pretty, not sure if it exactly fits the book. It kind of strikes me as fiction, but I think I can get over that since it is a beautiful cover.