Young Adult Story

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I listened to the audiobook of this one and I have to say that the narrator definitely helped keep me interested as she did a great job. I loved the poetry bits that were incorporated, especially the very end. I thought that the story had a lot of potential, and I’m not sure it really all came together. It was a little scattered and it moved al title slowly, but overall it was a fun read. I liked the Nigerian cultural pieces that were included and I loved the information about cross cultural kids for the debate.

This story is about Sophie/Ada a Nigerian Canadian girl who has always thought she had a plan - get straight A’s, go to college, go to law school, and be successful. Ada has been working twice as hard to be perfect since her brother ran away from home right before she starts middle school. Six years later she runs into him and learns some things she had no idea about as she is also working on figuring out more about herself.