Nigerian-Canadian Coming of Age

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Adanna is a high school age Nigerian-Canadian girl whose parents immigrated from Nigeria to give themselves and their children better opportunities. To her family and other Nigerians, she is Ada (ah-da). To her school friends, she is Sophie. Adanna is on her parent's career path 3 (1. doctor, 2. engineer, 3. lawyer) because to them these are the only paths worthy of their sacrifices, but Ada is becoming less sure that this is what she wants. She wants so badly to please her parents after her older brother Sam ran away from home. After seeing his name in a spoken word poetry event poster, Ada becomes obsessed with reconnecting with Sam to find out why he left, but the reason will surprise her. An art class project helps her learn more about herself and what will make her happy. She is also caught up with helping plan her cousin's wedding to music star Skeleboy. Everything explodes on the wedding day, and Ada must decide what she wants. This book provided a look into Nigerian culture which I did not have before reading this book. Some of the dialect was a bit difficult to decipher, but the overall meaning was not hard to understand. Really good story.