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I think the best compliment you can give a book after reading the excerpt is to say “I used my points on this one”. I thought the storyline sounded interesting and the cover was eye catching, then I read this first look and was pulled right into the story. Adanna’s cousin is getting married to a famous Afro beats artist. She’s in the wedding party and it’s taking up more of her time than she’d like. She’s busy with high school stuff too. At high school, she actually goes by Sophie. She only half jokingly call this her white persona. At school she tries to act one way and can really only be herself at home. She is dealing with a lot of expectations from her parents too. Her brother cut ties with the family awhile back and Ada hasn’t heard from him since. She’s angry with him in part because she has to work twice as hard now. But she also really misses him. In this excerpt, she thinks she sees him in a restaurant but it isn’t him.
I definitely want to keep reading this book. I want Ada and her brother to reconnect and I want to read about the big Nigerian wedding.