Advice For Success.

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This book has a lot of advice for people needing to navigate business and life, finding patrons (they say "sponsors" here), as well as being self-directed.

I'm not African-American, but as a non-privileged person who wanted work long ago in the art world or publishing, it was disheartening to see how nothing really happened without connections, and even when people got jobs, they still needed "powerful protectors" to keep from being fired, and going up the next step in the ladder.

An African-American I went to college with really embodied the self-directed qualities that this book discusses. He didn't let anything get him down, and he was utterly positive and forward-thinking. He put himself through college painting houses, and then he went on to great academic successes and then went on to a stellar career in entertainment law.

He did it for himself, but I'm sure he also found people who wanted to help him on the way up, because they could see he was worth it. As this book describes the qualities a sponsor looks for, he had performance, potential, passion.

This book will help people guide their efforts, but a lot of that drive and ambition has to come from within the reader, then finding ways to channel those qualities.