Good Thriller

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Here is an example of a good thriller, that could have been great.

Natalie Lockhart is new on the force and is assigned the case of the "Missing Nine"

Natalie is no stranger to though to missing people and grief as her sister was murdered when she was younger. As Natalie dives deeper into the Missing Nine case, along with a new murder that she discovered, the past comes barreling back to her.

Everything is sort of tied together, but I found myself drifting while reading this almost like I couldn't focus. Or more that the story couldn't hold my attention, but that couldn't also be because there was so much going on in the story, I didn't know where to focus! Some of the "facts" didn't seem real to me, and the ending felt just a little rushed.

It wasn't a bad story or a bad read. It was good, but I don't think I need to read any future installments.