An eerie start to this murder, mystery thriller.

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I always enjoy a mystery story where the lead character is a strong female detective. This excerpt introduces the reader to Natalie Lockhart, a rookie detective with a painful past and a police chief as a father. Natalie is not new to murder and investigations, she’s lost her sister to a violent murder and is now tasked with finding nine missing women in a town accustomed to a strange, unnerving history. Her investigation leads her to the death of a lifelong friend and wife to another police officer. What other painful circumstances will Natalie uncover next as her investigation makes her question the person responsible for her sisters death and makes her suspect that the murdered is still actively killing others?
This excerpt slowly unravels details about Natalie, her past, hers sisters vivious murder and hints about what is still to come. It definitely sparked my interest and curiosity. I really like the cover. It definitely got my attention! I look forward to seeing what happens next!