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I did not enjoy To the Waters and the Wild by S. C. McGrath, whom I'd never read or heard of before reading the excerpt on BookishFirst. I liked the excerpt and was interested in where the story would go so I was excited to win it. It did take me a couple of years (eep!) to finally read it.

And then. It took me almost a month to read and in the end, after about 66 pages, I skimmed. I skimmed the rest of the 270 pages. Never has 270 pages felt so long. I thought I was going to like this medieval fantasy story of a long-lost Ireland and their war with Italy. I did not. The characters were bland, the story was boring, and I just had no desire to pick it up or get back into the story. I wanted to enjoy it so badly! I gave it an honest effort but To the Waters and the Wild just did not click with me. I don't think I'll be seeking out another S. C. McGrath novel any time soon.