Wasn’t a fan

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I tried reading this book for a few months and alas I am finally DNFing the book. It wasn’t absolutely terrible but it just never gripped me. I got a little over halfway through and tried picking it up time and time again but i just never wanted to read it and I can’t get myself to force my way through it. My problems with the book were that I never really connected with any characters and it’s pretty heavy sci-fi which was hard to follow. Admittedly I am not the biggest sci-fi reader and this probably wasn’t the best intro for me to start with. Still somewhat interested in reading a different book from paolini but can’t push myself through this. If you like really heavy sci-fi books with characters that aren’t very emotional at all then maybe you would like this. The book was fine just definitely not what I like. Glad I gave it a shot though! Hopefully the next read is better.