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Epic Sci-Fi

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So let me start off by saying that if you are a sci-fi fan this is a MUST READ. Sooooo good.

We start off with Kira, a xenobiologist studying a planet for colonization in a futuristic society where many worlds have been colonized by humans. No aliens yet, though a single alien relic has been found from a Vanished society.

Kira discovers another alien relic which infects her, and all of a sudden multiple species pop out of nowhere, all more advanced than humans and all trying to exterminate humans. It’s the worst case first contact scenario.

Kira adventures forth trying to find out, well, anything that will help humans survive.

This book is looooooong. Usually I don’t mind that but sometimes it takes so long to get to the point that I actually miss it and have to go back. The devil is in the details. And in this case, it’s in too many details. Sometimes, the author takes for granted that all the readers know sci-fi terminology - for example there was talk of a Dyson sphere without any explanation as to what that is. I mean yes, I know what a Dyson sphere is, but it would have been nice to have not only a reminder, but confirmation that the author meant what I thought he meant.

The story, however, is worth it. It’s an epic sci-fi adventure with a motley crew of supporting miscreant characters I adored. Really, the characters carried the story sometimes when Kira’s constant repetition of guilt got old. Really, sometimes the vulnerable heroine needs to grow a pair.

So all in all, this was definitely a 5 star read that I would recommend if you love sci-fi and want a nice long standalone book.