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I was nervous to pick up this book as I really didn’t care for Eragon and it had been so long since this author wrote a book. To be honest from going to fantasy to adult sci-fi I was also skeptical. Oh how I was wrong! I went the audiobook route and first loved the narrators voice and the pacing of the book. I fell in love with our main character and of course fell in love with her love story. I would be lying if I didn’t say how excited I was when they wanted to step down and finally be together and be married. It wouldn’t be a story if all this went perfect and of course it didn’t. I loved the connection with the aliens and the civilians and how they had to learn to get along and trust each other. I did cringe every time they called them jellies and wish the author would of used another name. This book is huge but the story is action packed and you will not get bored!