It was ok, but grew better with the reading!

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Well! The fact that it's Christopher Paolini who's written the book sets a lot of expectations at first, and that is a huge problem. Having read the entire Eragon series at least 4-5 times, I expected to madly fall in love with the book right away. That didn't happen. What did happen, though, was that the story grew on me slowly.
The first chapter, to be honest, read like a sci-fi Mills&Boon; and Alan seems too shady (not sure if that's intentional because of how the plot might unfold). I couldn't really be interested in the characters seeing as how many of them are introduced right off the bat without letting me get a hang of the story. What worked was the omnipotent "company" that seems to be colonizing all of space. I hope there's more focus on the company and its doings rather than on the colonization because of Earth's near-destruction because that's a theme that's been beaten to death.
Once Kira leaves for the unknown destination, things begin to look up for the story. Again, if possible, a request to the author: Please don't overdo the "babe" thing. It was the equivalent of a cat scratching metal.
I look forward to reading the book, though. Knowing that it's Paolini makes me sure there will much more to the book later than is indicated in this short excerpt.