I’m already a budding fan!

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A great main character, polished magic system, unique world, exciting magical murder mystery, and a little bit of humor and adventurous fun. I’m sold.

She’s the only private investigator in town who can see the Quilt: the threads of fate, love and attachment that tie people to the people, places, and things they love (or are fated to love). When a rash of murders committed by women whose life threads are severed, but impossibly remain alive and kicking, she’s strong-armed into investigating the mob queen of the semi-benevolent gang that keeps order in the poor end of town (that police don’t bother protecting) strongarms her into investigating. For the first time in her career, she’s investigating a murder instead of cheating spouse jobs. On top of that, she’s be working with Edei, a man tied to her with a thread of fate only she and her sisters can see. (Try broaching that awkward subject.) I have to say, it’s always refreshing to see a male love interest that isn’t a square-jawed white guy.

Never one to do anything halfway, Io makes up her mind to steal the files she needs to crack the case from the police that are at best incompetent and at involved in a criminal cover up. Edei’s all for it, making me like him already despite mob-member with a heart of gold not being my favorite trope. Although, I do love a romance where both parties are a bit morally gray (and this pair certainly seems to fit that bill.)

I already love the main character. Io’s not one to let her life be decided for her, she’s dead set on sizing her maybe-fated love up and deciding for herself whether to sever or keep that fate thread connecting them. It’ll be her choice in the end either way. She’s got a healthy amount of fear, self-preservation, and pragmatism. She patience and persistence are her tried and true weapon of choice.

City of Atlante is half-flooded whenever the tides comes in, overrun by dangerous animals when that happens. The police have all but given up on the poorer part of town and the populace distrusts those with magic.

The Moira-born descendants of the fates are the only ones who can see the invisible threads that connect people to those they love, places special to them, and life itself. They’re always siblings born in threes: one that can weave new threads, one that can alter threads, and one that can sever them. Io’s the last kind. They’re villains in fiction, everyone’s favorite scapegoat, and everyone’s first suspect when things go wrong. Despite most of her career being breaking the hearts by confirming to clients that their spouses are cheating, she’s never stopped caring about their heartbreak. She’s sweet and empathetic, but no pushover. She’s even a bit morally grey. Her and her sister so plainly love each other.

Last but not least, the story has a bit of a sense of humor and fun. This is shaping up to be a great fantasy mystery romance. I can’t wait to read the rest.