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Wonderfully weird forbidden romance

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"Books are letters in bottles, cast into the waves of time, from one person trying to save the world to another."

If you ever catch me reading romance, you better believe it's going to be science fiction time war forbidden romance.  This novella was not what I expected, but it was very well written. The story unfolds as a series of letters between two rivals on opposite ends of a war. It wasn't really my style, and was a bit too poetic for me but I do see why others really enjoyed it. It includes a diversity you definitely don't read often, especially in this genre. And if nothing else, for that reason alone, I do feel it's an important piece of modern literature.  I listened to the audiobook for portions of it, and that added an additional layer of beauty to the writing style.  It was violent at times while still remaining loving. This Is How You Lose The Time War is intriguing and wonderfully weird, so I recommend it if it appeals to you.