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I think we can all be honest and say that, if you read enough, a lot of books can sound the same. When I was in a reading slump, I was looking for something quick and interesting to get me back in the saddle. Enter This Is How You Lose The Time War. Time-traveling agents from opposing collectives try and outdo one another in an effort to take control of the world and rewrite the timeline in their favor. A narrative that touches on identity, authenticity, and the future of our society, El-Mothar and Gladstone duke it out on the page. Alternating between characters written by each author, the story takes us from ancient runes to transcendent utopias as Red and Blue attempt to come to terms with the purposes in the grand scheme of the universe. If you're looking for a weekend read or something that you can finish on your rare afternoon off, this novel will leave you satisfied and questioning where we all go from here.