Could be for you but not me

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The first chapter pulled me in but just could not get past all the flowery wording in the letters. "My viny-hiney elfworld, as you say, versus your techy-mechy dystopia." (36). The plot, if there was one, I could to figure out except Red and Blue were falling in love. Maybe it was the epistolary format but I have read books in that format and enjoyed them. I just cannot pinpoint the problem to just one focus. I like time-travel so that is not an issue. Red and Blue trying to kill each other but falling in love? Red and Blue are agents of what? The world is such an abominable time yet all the flowery words did not match. The way the book began, I was thinking "Terminator". Thanks to Bookish First, the publisher, and the authors for the opportunity to read this book. Just wish I would have like this one more.