Beautiful sapphic time-travel romance!

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Best parts:
– It’s so beautiful and intelligent? Some people might find it pretentious, but I loved the mix of intellectualism, pop culture (literally references the song “Blue Da Ba Dee”), and general weirdness (also references the anagram “a man, a plan, a canal, Panama” randomly) that peppered the two agents’ letters and thoughts. Pretty sure I caught most of the references.
– Unapologetically, casually sapphic (I’m always here for the queer rep)
– Also, just great variety and presence of female characters in general–even the commanding officers are women!
– Super creative premise, executed cleanly, with meticulous detail and laserlike precision
– A compelling love at the heart of it, born not from attraction but from a mutual respect and admiration, and expressed artfully
– That ending. The explanation of the shadow. And how it all wrapped up. I was mind-blown. Brilliant.

Worst parts:
– Part of me wishes it was longer, but I know it really was the perfect length–if they made it any longer, it might have diluted some of its magic and tight pacing
– I know there was no good way to do this, but I wish I could have seen more about how their world got to where it is
– Tbh can’t think of any actual negatives; this was just so dang good