pretty good!

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i really had fun reading this one! i really enjoyed the game and different types of scenarios within the game.

rosalyn has grown up in a family of thieves when all she wants is a normal life. but a job goes wrong and she has to save her mother and she chooses to enter the thieves gambit in hopes she can make it all right again.

the world building was fantastic and i had no issues emerging myself within the story and the different locations around the world.

my own complaint was the ages of the characters. sometimes they felt way older and other times they felt younger. it's like i couldn't decide how old they were in my head.

overall, a goof YA read about heist games that gives inheritance games/hunger games vibes.

if you like books about games, heists, or deadly scenarios you will definitely enjoy this one and you should give it a go! it's worth the read.