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You need to read this!

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"I don't know how anyone makes it out of High School alive." and just like that, with the first line of They Wish They Were Us, I was hooked. The Young Adult genera seems to be over flowing with fantasy and seconded by romance books but not enough thriller. I am happy to say that that is slowly changing and books like this one are for sure helping!
They Wish They Were Us is fast paced and hooks you from the very first chapter. A murder, high school, popular kids and a mystery that keeps you guessing. If you loved One of Us is Lying then you will want to check this book out. I don't want to go into to many details for risk of giving a plot point away but please trust me on this one! (I know. We don't know each other! But it doesn't matter!) Trust me! Check this one out if you love thrillers!