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Very edgy

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This was a very edgy and different YA read and I was completely captivated by all the characters and their gusto. For how young they were, they seemed very grown and I suspect that is a result of how much they pushed each other as peers. High School peer pressure and the weird player legacy created an extremely toxic environment. Boos, drugs, and jealousy seem to be a major factor in toxic masculinity environment. In fact a lot of the book seems to be foreshadowing what a lot of these kids might has to go through if they wanted to join a frat or sorority going through a hazing process.

I was very happy Jill was able to see through the bullshit and take down the real killer. I was so drawn into the mystery of who the murderer could be or if there was even a murder at all? I was blown away by the reveal but also expected it. DEF recommend this read to anyone that loves thrillers.