This is going to be the book of 2020.

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Thrillers are one of my all time favorite genres and when I first read the synopsis for They Wish They Were Us, I knew this would be good.

Jill, Nikki, Robert, Henry, Quentin and Marla are the Players; the most popular people in school and being a Player has its own perks. Not only do they have their own table at the cafeteria, they also have access to an app that makes their lives in school easier. They have answers to tests and basically everything they need to know in order to get into the college of their dreams.

Their goal for senior year is to focus on college applications, to decide who have the potential to become a Player for the next school year, and to forget about their friend Shaila’s tragic death. After all, the one responsible for it was caught, right? But there’s an interesting turn of events when Jill, the MC, receives a message from the sister of the guy who killed her best friend...

They Wish They Were Us is going to be the book of the year.