Prep School Thriller

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They Wish They Were Us is a prep school thriller that is mysterious and intriguing. The story follows Jill Newman as she is going into her senior year. She wants to make the most out of this year, but her past seems to finds it way back to her present.

Three years ago during her freshman year, her best friend was murdered by her boyfriend. He confessed and she tried to move on. But now she is hearing that it was a lie and he is innocent.

Jill doesn't want to relive the trauma but she knows that she can't let this new information go. So, she begins looking into these claims and wants to help find the truth.

I give They Wish They Were Us 4 stars. It was a good debut that kept me on the edge of my seat. I think that Jill was a well-developed character. It was interesting to go along for the ride in Jill's search for truth and justice. I will definitely be reading more from Jessica Goodman.