Only if you like Gossip Girls

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So this book is promoted as a murder mystery. But the first third of the book is focused on a bunch of privileged high school kids that live in wealthy community that seem to be able to have money to spend on parties, cars, and a lot of trips to the local Diner. The theme appears to focus on the need to cheat one’s way to get to the top (probably influenced by the recent college application scandals by the rich and famous that has been in the news). I was about to give up on this book and 2-Star it because it was not relatable but I decided to read on though, hoping that it would get better. The middle third of the book finally starts to focus more on the whodunnit aspect and the main character, also still not relatable, at least becomes somewhat more likeable. Unfortunately, the mystery follows a textbook formula of the which elements are needed for a mystery book. In the end, it’s not much of a surprise and the ending requires a lot of open minded imagination. As stated in other reviews, this is more Gossip Girls than much anything else.