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This book has been out for a while and when I saw it on here the cover looked very familiar to me (especially from seeing it on Booktok which is the book section of TikTok). I have seen people say that they would describe this book as a mix between Gossip Girl and the book One of Us is Lying. I haven't read One of Us is lying yet but I have seen and read Gossip Girl and I do agree with the comparison. I also think this book was very reminiscent of the boo series and hit TV show Pretty Little Liars with the more upper class students going back to school after a time jump post the death of their young blonde best friend. Both Pretty Little Liars and They Wish They Were Us have the same mystery aspects while in a school environment. I do like that this book had wealthier students as it brings in the same vibes from Gossip Girl.

I also liked the type of writing in this book as it does not tell you the whole story in the beginning so it leaves you wanting to finish the book to figure out the mystery.