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I need to know what happens

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This sneak peak kind of gave me Gossip Girl vibes. Jill is determined to find out who killed her friend after she receives messages that proclaims her friend's boyfriend innocent...years after he confessed. From the get go I sense there will be some serious topics talked about, abuse for one. Another important theme I think will be talked about is female friendship and the empowerment of women. It has been a while since I read a fiction book rather than a fantasy adventure. I'm always down for a good mystery, could be the fact that I grew up reading Nancy Drew books lol. I love the thrill of new twists and the suspense. Sometimes I feel like a book did a great job of keeping the mystery and steering the reader away when the ending is not what it seems and I was completely off about what happened in the end. Although I do like to feel like I know what might happen and I have a sense I will keep up with the mystery of this book.