Good Mystery Thriller

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This one kept me on my toes while reading. Wondering what actually happened. What all did the main character and her friends have to do I order to join this “secret” group at her school. I had my guesses but didn’t really put it all together.
I just love those mystery’s that draw you in and keep you on your toes the entire time. And this one did!
Going on the journey with Jill through her senior year, just trying to graduate and keep her status at school, then everything is thrown off, trying to figure out who really killed her best friend. It really felt like I was Jill abs going on the journey too.
The only thing I didn’t really like was the time jumps. You’d be in the future with the main character then she’d recall something from freshmen year abs suddenly you’re pulled back in time with no warning. Then pulled back to the future with a snap of the fingers.
Besides that, everything was a must read!