Fast-paced teen mystery

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In They Wish They Were Us, Jill is in her senior year and continues to struggle to come to terms with the death of her best friend three years ago. Although from the outside Jill has everything going for her. She earns top grades in her classes, is dating the perfect guy, and is a Player--Gold Coast Prep's exclusive secretive society. The Players rule the school and everyone wants to be them. But beneath the perfect exterior lies many secrets, for all of the Players. Most members try to ignore and forget but Jill gets pulled into the deepest and darkest secret of all and the more she digs into it, the more her perfect senior year expectations fall apart.

This is a fact-paced, quick read that is exactly as I expected. The story is a reflection upon the pressure for perfection, the dangers of privilege, and the secrets that we all carry and weigh heavily upon us. I did find that the story was predictable, however, I think that is hard to avoid when the story genre and premise is known from the beginning. How many ways can you twist and spin an old story, right? For that reason, I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing, since many people who read this genre appreciate this predictable story arc. It was still a fun read with well developed, albeit trope-y, characters. I would recommend to anyone who enjoyed One of Us is Lying.