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As soon as I saw this book was being compared to "One of Us is Lying" (aka one of my favorite books of all time) I knew I needed to read it. Sadly, this did not meet my expectation at all. I think the biggest flaw of this book is how slow the build up is. The mystery aspect is mentioned throughout the first half, but that's it, it's only mentioned. I kept waiting and waiting to get into the mystery, but it continued to be dragged out chapter after chapter. If a majority of the first half of this book was taken out, I think this could have been a 4 star read. When I finally started getting into the mystery aspect I was excited because it's what I was waiting for! But it was a let down. The big reveal was built up so much, I was expecting this huge "wow!" worthy moment, but it wasn't. When I finally got to the reveal all I thought was "Wait, that's it?" As an experienced mystery reader, I felt it was too predictable. I do think this would be a good pick for someone that wants to get into mystery. I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it. But as a debut novel, I think it's pretty solid, especially for people wanting to get into mystery.