Book into Cinema

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I love a good book that turns into a show/movie! A story about Jill who wants to find out the killer of her friend was. Jill receives multiple messages regarding the innocence of her friend's boyfriend. But didn't he confess? So what is the truth her? Themes mentioned in the story were abuse and female empowerment. I truly enjoyed this mystery novel, packed with a never-ending.. "What is going to happen next?!" So many twists and turns that this story provides a page turning thriller. A lot of thoughts about what could be happening, but the books makes you question about your predications. What you think really happened.. is not what really happened.

I love how the book leaves you hanging and does not provide you what the whole story is about from the start and keeps you wondering. I love this book and it gave me a Pretty Little Liars feel from the school girl problems and mystery.

Definitely recommend!