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An Exciting Read!

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An entertaining Young Adult read. Great for fans of Gossip Girl. Lots of high school angst, lies, betrayals, and secrets.

The protagonist Jill Newman is now a high school senior at prestigious Gold Coast Prep. Along with her friends Nikki, Marla, Quinton, Henry, and Robert, she should be excited that they now rule the exclusive society, The Players. They are now the leaders of the privileged few. However, they cannot escape the fact that there should be eight Players, not six. But three years ago, on initiation night, Jill’s best friend Shaila Arnold was killed by her boyfriend and fellow Player Graham. Graham confessed and has been in prison since the murder. But now he claims he is innocent. So, what actually happened that night?

Jill is caught in the middle. Should she try to find out what really happened and possibly alienate her friends, or don’t rock the boat and get through senior year? As the story evolves and secrets are slowly revealed, we learn Jill’s true character.

I thought the book gave a realistic view of how teens deal with their issues and the decisions they must make to maintain the popular elite image. I loved the focus on female friendships and loyalty. I was kept in suspense trying to figure out who really did kill Shaila and why. The plot twists were surprising yet believable.