Summer Slow-Burn Thriller

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Who doesn't love a good tale of murder, competition, and...cross country running. I sure do. Stella and Ellie are sisters. Fiercely competitive, but also fiercely loyal. "The Steckler sisters are just a little much." They are fourteen months apart in age, but share a connection as though they were identical twins. They share a bond that entwines them together, no matter how much they may want to be at odds.

Stella and Ellie are record-breaking runners in the town of Edgewater. Or Deadwater, as it became known after a series of disappearances and murders of teenage runners. It seems that in this town, bad things happen to strong girls. But who wants the strong girls to fail? To be out of the way?

I thought this was a quick, fun beach read. Nothing special, but definitely perfect to throw in the beach bag and then keep you up late into the night. 4 stars.

I received an ARC from BookishFirst in exchange for my honest review.