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I really liked Jessica's first book, They Wish They Were Us. So when this came out, I had to grab it! I really liked this story too. It follows two sisters and their rise and fall on their school track team. During their junior and senior year, there's a new girl on the team, Mia. But soon Mia goes missing, and the school and neighborhood are aghast, because it looks like an old serial killer that haunted the town years ago is back...or is he??

I liked most of this book. I liked the sisters' ambition, and goals to get out of their small town. I had no idea what had happened to Mia, so when the big reveal came I was shocked. I was mostly satisfied with the ending as well. I enjoyed the plot and the characters, and the glimpse that we got of small town life. Having grown up in a small town myself, I can say that small town living was portrayed fairly accurately. All in all I gave this book 4.5 stars rounded down, and will definitely be reading Goodman's next book.