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After loving her last book, They Wish They Were Us, I was thrilled for the opportunity to read this one! They’ll Never Catch Us is a delicious YA murder mystery, following a pair of sisters who are part of the school’s track team. But one of them has a spoiled reputation after the “incident” last year, and living in a town known for a series of murder presents its own teenage challenges.

Although years have past since the last murder, when one of the newest track team members goes missing, everything begins to unravel. Has the serial killer returned? Who can be trusted? What secrets are the sisters hiding?

I loved the alternating POV’s and the sisterly bond the girls had. I’m always down for a book about a creepy town where everyone knows everyone’s business, but with a murder mystery on our hands, it made it that more juicy and dramatic. This was a quick, enjoyable suspense—one that I definitely recommend for fans of the author’s first book.