I liked this!

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This was such an engaging and gripping YA thriller. I was so fortunate and lucky enough to have been able to read this a bit earlier than the release date. This book was such a roller coaster of a ride and such an interesting take!

I don’t normally enjoy YA thrillers as much but there have been some I absolutely enjoyed, this one was one of them!! It was so good and interesting! I loved all the characters and their portrayal to the story!!

I also was intrigued by this cover; it caught my eye! It’s such a thrilling cover and you can definitely tell it’s a YA thriller based off the cover itself.

They’ll Never Catch Us was such an interesting and amazing thriller for you g adults, any age range actually. But holy guacamole did I enjoy this so much more than I was expecting to! I haven’t read anything by this author but I have heard great things and definitely will read more from her in the future.