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Thank you to BookishFirst for my winning copy of They’ll Never Catch Us!

They’ll Never Catch Us is a YA novel told from two sister’s POV, Stella and Ellie Steckler. Hailing from the small town of Edgewater, New York, Stella and Ellie are both a part of their high school cross country team, vying for scholarships to help ease the burden of college off their parent’s shoulders as well as continue their running careers. Natural born enemies (as sisters always are 😛), they are constantly competing with one another, in turn pushing the other to grow better and stronger.

The town of Edgewater isn’t as quiet as it seems though. About a decade ago, 3 young women, all runners, were murdered on one of the more popular trails, nicknaming the town Deadwater when their killer(s) were never found.

After a violent incident involving Stella causes her to lose her free ride to Georgetown, Stella must try even harder to succeed in obtaining a coveted scholarship in her Junior year. It’s her last chance to impress the scouts. But when a new girl, Mila, shows up and joins the team, Stella will begin to really feel the heat. And when Mila goes missing, all eyes turn to Stella who has a known streak of doing anything to win.

What happened to Mila? Is the serial killer back in town? They’ll Never Catch Us is available now wherever books are sold!

I really enjoyed this story. The changing POVs was interesting, as the girls are hiding many secrets from one another. The story is also quick paced, and even though I wasn’t entirely shocked by the ending, I enjoyed the stuff about girl power and not letting men silence us. As an outspoken woman with a lot of opinions, I related a lot to the book!

TW: Murder, abortion, police investigation, addiction