Cam and Karla, sitting in a tree

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This is a cute book. You'll probably hear that a lot reading through other reviews. Even if it oversaid, this is a cute book. It is filled with all sorts of feel good high school tropes. We have a nerd for our hero. He's hooking up with the popular girl. Her sometimes ex-boyfriend is a jock. The other girl is his twin sister.
Now for some names, so we know who's doing what when. Our hero is Cam. The popular girl is Karla. They were working at coffee shop over the summer when they hooked up. It was supposed to just be for the summer, but now Cam wants to make it public. Karla and Luck have an on-again-off-again relationship. Mackenzie is Luke's sister. She used to go to a fancy art school, but now is at Cam's school and joins his school club, Geeks and Nerds United. Their jam is Anime and Manga.
Cam figures his best bet to get Karla to go public that they are dating is to do the things she likes to do. She into theater so he tries out for the fall play. He doesn't get the part, but he's on the school paper. He gets the assignment to write about the play. That gives him a reason to hang out backstage. It doesn't turn out the way he plans.
I really can't say much more or you won't need to read the book yourself. I think you should. It's a cute story. I enjoyed it.