A Miss For Me

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This was an interesting story, but very similar to other YAs I’ve read. I sadly don’t think it will be a memorable read. The flow and style of writing felt off to me. I think being dual POV would have really helped bring more life to the story. I actually kinda liked Carla. I just couldn’t connect to Cameron like I had hoped. I’m supposed to want to root for the “underdog,” but the author failed to make him a likable character!

Some of the humor in this book fell flat for me also, including comparing parts of the high school building design to parts of the male genitalia. It seemed a bit immature, even for a YA.

I know I might not be the target audience for a YA, but I still typically really enjoy them. Maybe I needed to be younger to better enjoy some of the pop culture references. I have no doubt many readers will enjoy this book, it just wasn’t for me.