Nostalgia and Representation

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From the first page this story had me glued to my seat and not wanting to stop. First i must say, I’m a late 80s born and was a child through the 90s! Also I’m a huge geek. i love anime especially the subtitles, so the first page captured my attention quickly. I just knew i was going to love and relate to Jocelyn. The talk about the old game boy and Pokémon yellow sealed the deal for me. As i continued on i already started to feel like i had a front row seat of this friend groups life and i was loving it it! I wanted to be part of the G.A.N.U immediately. I was too afraid to join something like this when i was in highschool. I’m a bipoc reader and member of the bookish community and i fell in love with these characters because they look like me and remind me of myself and there’s nothing more i could ask for in a book. I would definitely devour the rest of this book!