Nerds Unite

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I've read three chapters and I already made a series of chuckles after the other. I love our cast of characters, especially Mackenzie and Cameron's banter. It's cute and I want more. I really like the set up with the story, the pacing so far is well done. I'm intrigued how Cameron is so set on describing himself on being different then the other guys Karla has been with when he really isn't. I don't know if he really rhinks that or if he's lying to himself but either way, his reactions and actions are intriguing if not head scratching. What really made me like him was the anime and dragon ball references. The second he mentioned Goku, I was like "ok, I love him. He's redeemable" and let's hope so. I really want to read more about Cameron's ups and down with Karla and more of the banter, he has with McKenzie, that was good. And she's a twin? I'm sold..