So So

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The writing is quick and moving very rarely bringing down the tension and pace. There were a few time where one of the girl's past was misplaced, breaking tension. I would have liked to see more of the exposition in the dialogue once the girls are in the woods. But overall the chapters are short and keep the reader engaged turning page after page.

That being said, is this a typical story of natural danger that moves forward with psychopaths or supernatural creatures. I often find this sad as many times the natural danger creates its own horror without adding other aspects. But this story needed more and it needed to happen sooner. We need the horror to balance the teenage angst. The story moves even faster who the true danger presents itself. And while it's a little faster than I would have liked, this was the best part of the book.

Horror must always balance suspension of belief and it's often a fine line the author has to walk. Stephanie Perkins teeters. Josie's injuries and the actions she takes as the story moves forward goes against all reality. There is no way she would have lived through this tale. There was another moment I questioned but just realized it was just me and I needed to enjoy the story.

Overall, this is an average nature thriller. I enjoyed the characters and how they learned that The Woods Are Always Watching.