Loved the theme of this book

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4.5 stars 🌟
What i liked -
1 ) The length of the book - the woods are always watching was just two hundred ninety seven pages which was the perfect length for book to be read in a go and perfect to read on a short road trip

2 ) setting of the book , the book had an intense friendship between the main characters and forest seemed really creepy and the details stephanie perkins gave me goosebumps and made me wanted to scream sometimes .

3 ) the book seemed and reminded me a lot of like stranger things television series and as the fourth season isn't out this book was probably the thing I needed .

The characters really drawed me into the story and made it interesting
I hope netflix adapts this book into a show because I need an adaptation for this one too . The adaptation of There somebody inside your house was immaculate and I loved it hopefully I can see this on screen
Thank you penguin for sending a finished copy <3