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The Woods Are Always Watching is a college thriller set during a group camping trip in the wilderness. But will they come home from it?

The feeling of being overwhelmed by nature and its power permeates the mood right from the beginning of the story. The writing style is very clear and easy to follow, making this a quick and compelling read.

This book is so hard for me to put down! You will want to know what is going to happen on each and every page. It is such a spooky summer thriller read, perfect for leading up to seasonal scary reading in the fall. I really, really, love the setting being in the wild, twisty forest and the strange group dynamics between the main characters as best friends. The entire feel is so terribly desperate and will keep readers on the edge of their seat for the entire time.

For some reason, though, I weirdly want to go for a long camping trip now...? Go figure!!!