I liked it, didn't love it

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After reading "There's Someone Inside Your House" I was ready to read anything Stephanie Perkins came out with. When I was looking for a new e-book, the second I saw this I bought it. I didn't look at the synopsis, I went in blind with HIGH expectations, after reading "There's Someone Inside Your House". My expectations were slightly too high. This book wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best. One thing I will give this book is it gives you the creeps from beginning to end. I wasn't able to read it at night because I was so freaked out. The twist was okay, but the solution was (in my opinion) a bit odd and unrealistic. I think this book would be good for people new to the mystery/thriller genre, that could be why this wasn't my favorite. Mystery/thriller is my number one genre read, so I think that was part of why my expectations were so high. If you want to get into mystery/thriller and get the creeps, this is the book for you.