Good but NOT great YA thriller!

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What parent is their right mind sends two teenagers into the woods alone for a long weekend of camping especially with how ill prepared both girls are in the outdoors?? I was literally screaming, "what is wrong with you?"

And, did these girls have super powers as they survived so much and I mean A LOT - loss of limbs, gun shots, threat of rape and two crazy deeps woods men. Yet these girls still had the strength to fight off these thugs.

The suspense was mediocre, unlikable immature main characters and who at the first sign of something wouldn't turn around and head home or alert authorities. No real horror really happens for well more than half the book then the action happens. I have a feeling readers will either love or hate this book. It is definitely made a the YA audience and NOT parents of the YA. Overall, this book is good but NOT great.