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Considering that Stephanie Perkins started out writing romance books, I am surprised at how well she creates a suspense-filled thriller. I enjoyed this one as much as I did her first thriller book.

The characters were well-developed and they both had strong voices. The suspense built steadily as the story went on and kept me turning pages until the end. The villain was creepy, though I was able to figure who it was before the end, but that is typical for me. Very rearely do I not figure out who the villain is before the end of the book, so that should not be a deterrant to anyone wanting to read the book.

The setting was great - almost a character in itself as it only added to the suspense. It was a fun read, and I am excited to see what Perkins does next in the thriller genre. I think fans of Karen McManus, Holly Jackson, and Jennifer Lynn Barnes will also enjoy this book.