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I like a good YA thriller. Seems like when I pick up a YA book, it's either about young love or some girl leading a revolution, or sometimes both. There's no love interest here. It appears our twosome didn't date much in high school. There is no revolution, unless you count the Earth going around the Sun. It's just two girls, besties during high school, spending a little quality time hiking, which they have never done, and camping out, again a new thing, before they split up and go to different colleges. What could go wrong?
Plenty, and most of them you can guess. These are modern girls who never go anywhere without their phones. Now they are up in the mountains without a signal. They had to borrow equipment. They are so out of shape, it takes them 6 hours to cover four miles. Sure, it was all uphill. Setting up their first camp in the dusk made them just a little bit irritable. Trying to remember all the safety stuff so bears won't bother them doesn't help their mood. They fight.
There are things in the woods worse than bears. Things that are meaner, smellier and just plain nastier. I can't tell you in detail what they are, but you can guess. What was a problem with inexperience and strife becomes a battle for survival. There were a couple of spots I was tempted to say "wait a minute there", but overall it was a good story. I liked it. It was different.
I received the copy of this book I read for this review from BookishFirst.