A Quick Horror

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The first three chapters are about a friendship that has lasted years, but soon will be broken when college is coming around the corner. It's actually kind of cute and quirky to see these two react with each other.

Then, as the book progressed, their secret feelings came out. It was relatable to read this happen because everyone has experienced a friendship loss. If you haven't, then you are a lucky person.

But even at the beginning I knew something was going to happen especially with that tree and it's limb pointing the way back. It was heart wretching to think about someone being right behind Neena or Josie while in the woods. It's give you a certain paranoia like you want to constantly look behind you even though you aren't in the woods.

When Josie fell, my stomach rolled. I'll give her credit, she handled that better than I could. Then, when her hand got shot off! I gasped and had to stop for a minute to register that it had happened. Threw me for a loop!

Plus, I knew that yellow tent was a bad omen and then Neena found the couple's bodies. A bittersweet victory of a feeling to know something was up.

Lyman had something medically wrong with him and you could tell that. He met Willie and Willie used him. Now, Willie is where the real messed up is at. 'Likes 'em dead' Yikes!

Neena pulling out those manipulation tricks to get inside Lymans head was slick. It was smart but sneaky.

Then the bear!!!! The author had to add a bear. She had to. It was perfect timing the bear came through.

A quick paced horror with short chapters. They get right to the point and keep your attention. I liked this book. It got me out of my reading slump!