Someone is Watching

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I wanted to love this book. There was definitely suspense as the characters described how they felt someone watching them. I had to keep reading as I watched Vanessa's life spiral after the divorce. Like everyone else, I assumed that her spiral was due to jealousy that her ex had moved on so quickly. I assumed that the new girl was an innocent victim. I didn't like Richard, but that is mostly because of the affair. Vanessa was such an unreliable narrator that it was hard to tell if she was a mess or if he was the bully. I was impressed that I did not see all the plot twists, but I was also unsure if everything that happened was realistic. We had great discussion at our book club about whether or not we guessed the spoilers and whether or not they were believable. We also talked about how the book dragged some at the beginning and then we had to buckle in to keep up towards the end. This book is a solid 3, maybe 3.5. I think there is potential for a better movie adaptation than book, which is something I rarely say.