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Not bad!

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I listened to this as an audiobook and while the story as a whole wasn’t bad… it wasn’t amazing. There were startling moments but I didn’t find anything super jaw-dropping. Thankfully I borrowed this one from my library so while the wait was long, it was better than spending money or using an audible credit. For those who are deeply invested in this genre, I’d recommended taking this route because you likely won’t find anything mind blowing but it’s worth a read!

I found this slightly similar to The Other Woman when finding out who the “villain” was but the characters in this novel were waaaayyyy more tolerable (I absolutely hated almost every character in The Other Woman).

From what I understand this was the first novel by these authors (together), but I read their second novel (also as an audiobook), An Anonymous Girl, previously and really enjoyed it, so their writing and ideas seem to be improving! I’ll definitely read the next novel by these two!