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This book asks the reader to assume nothing. It feels like a cat and mouse suspense thriller, and the reader must guess who the cat is and who is the mouse.

Vanessa is now divorced from her husband, Richard. She presents as a mess. She is late for work; she obsesses on Richard and his fiancé. She is living with her Aunt Charlotte, and works at Saks, to make a living. While not at work or falling to pieces she is obsessing.

Nellie, a pre-school teacher, is happy and upbeat. Her whole life changed when she met Richard. Their romance was like a fairy tale. Richard introduces her to a life of wealth, designer clothes and a big house in the suburbs. Someone has been watching Nellie and tracking her every move.

Think you have this book figured out? I didn't initially, but then *BAM* the authors basically tell us one secret and then we are left with something else to think about. Initially that left me wondering, if this is the first reveal...what will the next one be?

Then there is Richard. He has an ex-wife who won’t stop contacting him or his new finance. What is so hot about him? On the surface he is quite the catch. But is he really all that amazing? Is he the great guy, he appears to be?

I found this to be an enjoyable book which falls into the "great book for escapism" reading list. It was interesting to see how things were going to play out. This was a fun, fast past, read which held my attention and kept me entertained. I find it impressive how two people could write a book together so hats off to the Authors for pulling this one off.